CSIG's history begins in 1980. We started as a custom programming shop for manufacturing and distribution companies using mid-range computers in Long Island, NY. Our company grew throughout the 1980's and the early 1990's when we began work in the PC environment. The mid-range division was sold off in 1993 so CSIG, Inc. could focus our efforts entirely on our customers using PC networks.

During the 1990's we developed a series of custom systems, but also began reselling and customizing package applications. In that time, we gained extensive exposure to many of the most popular standard accounting and distribution packages currently available. Since then, we have successfully helped our clients utilize better applications at competitive prices.

As the 21st century began, CSIG's focus changed with the times, as our company began developing complex web-based applications in various industries. Web Applications allow companies to utilize their back office software applications anywhere, regardless of physical location. This low cost alternative eliminates the need for expensive telecommunication costs. Meanwhile, our team continued to train to stay abreast of the fast moving technology, using beta versions of MS Visual Studio .NET® and other MS development tools.

One of the more recent services that CSIG has begun providing is programming for entrepreneurs looking to start businesses selling software to specific niche markets. We have extensive experience bringing software products to the market, and can be of assistance in not only the development of the software, but also the sales.

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